John Hummel began his career promoting democracy and standing up for justice, and he’s still focused on bringing strong leadership to Deschutes County to ensure a safe and better community to live.



A safer deschutes county

We all deserve to live in a safe community where we can enjoy the outdoors, downtown areas, and all the activities that make Deschutes County special. John works everyday to improve the safety of our community.

  • John’s approach to public safety has lowered the crime rate in Deschutes County

  • John focuses on accountability for serious violent crimes like sex abuse and assault

  • John combines accountability with a plan for drug treatment and community policing, to stop preventable crime before it starts.

"John works hard everyday to ensure our community is safe. He respects and follows the law. Knowing that safety and a fair justice system are his top priorities, John has my full support."   -- Bend Mayor Casey Roats

A leader we can trust

John is dedicated to fairness and justice. John works with leaders in business, government and public safety. This community approach results in a safer Deschutes County and fairer treatment for all.

The new public safety partnership called Goldilocks, launched by John in 2017, removes low low-level drug offenders from the criminal justice system and re-directs them to the medical system where they receive addiction, mental health, and physical health care.  This will reduce crime, save lives, and save money. 


“John achieved results as a strong prosecutor and a thoughtful protector of innocent people's rights. His innovative and practical programs help prevent substance abuse, keep people with mental illness out of the corrections system, reduce recidivism, and save taxpayers' money." -Dorothy Leman & Becky Plassman, local college instructors


protecting your tax dollars

John has restored integrity and professionalism to the DA office.

As a manager, John has watched every tax dollar, returning over $1 million back to the general fund through responsible budgeting.

“John understands that the money in the District Attorney’s budget belongs to the taxpayers, not him.  He has my support.”  -Tim Knopp, Oregon State Senator