All Deschutes County mayors endorse Hummel for DA

BEND, (Jan 9, 2017)  -- John Hummel secured the endorsements of the La Pine, Redmond, Bend and Sisters mayors for his District Attorney re-election campaign.

The mayors endorsed Hummel for his work to bring integrity back to the District Attorney’s office, developing an effective program to address drug addiction and working with local law enforcement to create a drug and alcohol treatment program that will reduce crime and drug addiction in Deschutes County.

Mayor Dennis Scott (La Pine), Mayor George Endicott (Redmond), Mayor Casey Roats (Bend) and Mayor Chuck Ryan (Sisters) enthusiastically endorsed District Attorney Hummel for the progress he’s made to make Deschutes County safer and restore integrity to the criminal justice community in Deschutes County.

“In 2014, John promised to clean up the DA’s office, focus on crime prevention in our county, and use transparency with his decisions among the community. John has stuck to his word, which is why I support him. His honesty and trustworthiness create a positive culture in the DA’s office and amongst members of the community. I fully support his re-election campaign for District Attorney in 2018.”

-- Redmond Mayor Endicott

“John is a caring, humble gentleman, who cares about the citizens of Deschutes County. He often comes to South County, where he visits and listens to our community’s concerns. He works to reduce crime by implementing options for low risk drug offenders, with hope of lowering the rate of individuals entering the judicial system. Deschutes County needs to keep John in the DA’s office for four more years.”

-- La Pine Mayor Scott  

“District Attorneys have a tough job. John must enforce the law, even when he might disagree with it. John is tough and also fair. He understands the need for enforcement in Sisters and collaborates without hesitation. Another four years with John in office means a safe and just county.”

-- Sisters Mayor Ryan

In our growing community, John’s Goldilocks program will help ensure that people who struggle with drug addiction receive help and chronic offenders receive justice. When necessary, John drops the hammer to ensure our community is safe. He respects and follows the law. Knowing that safety and a fair justice system are his top priorities, John has my full support.

-- Bend Mayor Roats

Deschutes County voters overwhelmingly elected John Hummel to be district attorney in 2014 with nearly 60 percent support. He announced his re-election campaign in October. To learn more, visit Hummel’s website at